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Schedule an in-person session at our personal gym in Huntington LI, in your home at select Long Island locations, or virtually anywhere on Zoom and Facetime.

Schedule A Session

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A workout program built
around your busy schedule.
In-person at our private fitness
studio in Huntington LI,
virtually anywhere…

With training sessions for 1 hour or 30 minutes. Every client is assured they will get the most from every workout. Whether at Jonathan’s private fitness studio, in your home or virtually through Zoom or FaceTime.

Or a workout program to ensure you age on your own terms.

At Cooper Fitness everyone deserves to look and feel great at any age. Our approach to lifestyle and training has helped many New Yorkers thrive and be their best in any stage of their fitness journey.

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Get the Cooper edge.

Let Jonathan take you to the next level.

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